ID Tech ValueScan Series IDT-IDBB4244MRB

ID Tech ValueScan Series IDT-IDBB4244MRB

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Tremendous Value

Truly one of a kind, the ID TECH ValueScan II provides the utmost value in terms of price and performance. ID TECH’s new ValueScan II mid-range CCD scanner is specially designed to deliver high-end performance with a scanning range from contact to 6 inches depending on the barcode density.

Auto-Sensing Capabilities

The ValueScan II features an auto-sensing mode, allowing the scanner to operate while resting in its stand. When the scanner detects a barcode is present, it will automatically activate, allowing users the freedom of scanning barcodes without a scanner in their hands. With two hands free to manage other tasks, the ValueScan II provides added productivity.

Lightweight and Ergonomical

The ValueScan II contains no moving parts, yet it is exceptionally lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in the hand for extended periods of usage. This ergonomic hand-held scanner is ideal to be used in a wide variety of markets, including retail, logistics and light industry applications.

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