The General Store Retail Software Lite

The General Store Retail Software Lite

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The General Store offers a powerful retail point of sale (POS) software solution that does more than just ring up sales. Our system is both formidable and flexible and provides an array of in-store sales, inventory management, and customer loyalty options to suit your store’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a system that can streamline your pricing and promotions or one that will help track your inventory and sales.

  • Dynamic update of item sales and inventory data
  • Dynamic unit to carton to case inventory management
  • Parts Explosion controfor kit items
  • Track sales of serialized items
  • Discounts by percentage and/or multiple prices
  • BarCode Scanning and weight scales
  • Item Inquiry before and/or during sale
  • Access items by item number. vendor’s order number, or description
  • Add new items at POS Automatic On-Sale price management l
  • Track sales of appareitems by size
  • Sales tracking by customer
  • Dynamic accounts receivable updating*
  • Credit Limit checking on charge accounts
  • Payments on charge accounts with printed receipts l
  • Customer lookup by name or number
  • Mailing list management and lookup
  • On-line credit card authorization with draft captures - Requires Third Party Software
  • Split Tender Price quotes and foreign currency support
  • Prints invoices and paper tape receipts
  • Cash drawer management and reporting
  • Salesperson tracking
  • Complete tax calculation and recording l
  • Complete Layaway.
  • Automatic sale of deposits on items such as soda using Item Tag-Along feature
  • X and Z Reporting and paid outs
  • Mix-N-Match and “buy-one-get-one”
  • Age verification for liquor and tobacco

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