Unitech MS340 Long Range Scanner

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The MS340 barcode scanner is an affordable way to bring quality barcoding to your business. The MS340 is a longdistance scanner, meaning you don’t have to make contact with a barcode to read it. Bring greater flexibility and lasting durability to your data collection process. Bluetooth on a Budget

It’s possible to get the most advanced scanning technology for your business without blowing your budget. Get the quickest read with an aggressive and accurate scan engine that reads barcodes over a foot away. The MS340 can decode all common 1D barcodes in both manual and presentation mode.

Featuring a lighter and more streamlined design, the MS340 barcode scanner weighs just 6 ounces. A comfortable and ergonomic grip makes scanning a breeze. Go completely hands-free with the optional stand by switching to Presentation Mode and the MS340 will auto detect your barcodes.

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